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Parques de Sintra Tree Finder

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Park of Monserrate


Botany; tree species; location; characteristics; recommended visit routes


Parques de Sintra 


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Parques de Sintra Tree Finder is an online app which allows you to obtain information on the arboreal botanical heritage of the Park of Monserrate.

This websig app contains data on the Monserrate tree collection, adding value to the existing botanical heritage, allowing it to be easily explored and known, in Portugal and abroad, contributing to the promotion of the Park of Monserrate Park, awarded with a European Garden Award.

The contents of this application will be continuously enriched, therefore we recommend you check it regularly for updates.


  • Species in the Monserrate tree collection;
  • Their main botanical characteristics;
  • Their location in the park;
  • Photographs;
  • The best access routes to visit them;
  • Information about the different gardens in the park;
  • Information about the different visit routes available, namely, the reduced mobility route.

You can search the trees

  • By their scientific name,
  • By their common name,
  • By their continent of origin,
  • From a list of remarkable specimens,
  • By route.