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The Palace of Pena just for you

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Palace of Pena

Requires booking

Three working days in advance







*only in July, August and September


Contextualized Visit inside the Palace


Brunch, snack or cocktail

What if you had the sunset view from Palace of Pena all to yourself? With your dreams in mind, Parques de Sintra has created a one-off campaign, available for a limited amount of time, offering exclusive visits to the palace outside of the monuments’ normal opening hours. In addition to visiting the palace exclusively and enjoying an accompanied visit featuring the main points of interest within the visit circuit, you can also choose from catering options to complement this unique experience: breakfast/brunch, welcome drink or cocktail.

Complementos de catering

Brunch (scone, croissant, three types of bread, toast, cheese, ham, butter, jam, granola or muesli, quiche, homemade cake, queijadas de Sintra (traditional cheesecake), fruit, sparkling and still water, natural fruit juice, galão (hot drink made with espresso and milk) or tea, coffee):

  • 32€ for 2 people
  • 50€ for families (2 adults + 2 children aged 6-12)


Snack (scone, three types of bread, cheese, ham, butter, jam, croquette and codfish pasty, slice of cake or queijadas de Sintra (traditional cheesecakes), fruit, juice, coffee or tea):

  • 26€ for 2 people
  • 38€ for families (2 adults + 2 children aged 6-12)


Cocktail (white wine, orange juice, water and queijadas de Sintra (traditional cheesecakes):

  • 20€ for 2 people
  • 26€ for families (2 adults + 2 children aged 6-12)


Per person
35 €
Per family | 2 adults+2 children (aged 6-12)
80 €

Two People Pack with Complements

Exclusive visit + brunch: 102€

Exclusive visit + snack: 96€

Exclusive visit + cocktail: 90€

Family Pack* with complements

Exclusive visit + brunch: 130€

Exclusive visit + snack: 118€

Exclusive visit + cocktail: 106€


*2 adults + 2 children aged 6-12

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