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360º visit to the National Palace of Sintra

Experiencias Digitais Visita 360


National Palace of Sintra


Parques de Sintra - Monte da Lua, S.A.


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Monument 100% accessible in this digital experience

  • Visit the National Palace of Sintra at your home
  • Allows you to travel through the entire monument
  • Contains information about featured pieces from the collection
  • Offers written and audio content

Virtual tour to get to know in depth one of the most important monuments in Portugal

Through high resolution images, which allow you to observe all the details, this offers the opportunity to freely explore the entire circuit of the monument and its gardens, as well as to deepen knowledge about the spaces and main objects of the collections using interpretive texts . With this digital experience, the National Palace of Sintra also becomes more accessible, namely, to visitors with reduced mobility.


The National Palace of Sintra is one of the most challenging monuments in terms of physical accessibility. Despite the effort that Parques de Sintra has made to provide access to monuments for a greater diversity of visitors, only 40% of the building can be physically visited by people with disabilities, due to the characteristics of this palace and the historical and cultural value that accompany them. This digital tool seeks to make the National Palace of Sintra more accessible, including to people with reduced mobility, by making entire museum route available virtually. This palace thus becomes closer to all visitors.


Virtual visits to heritage are becoming more and more common, although they often only allow you to visit the spaces and do not provide content allowing a more direct confrontation with the heritage site and its collections. With this new digital experience, Parques de Sintra developed a virtual tour model that aims to establish an informed and stimulating connection between the visitor, the National Palace of Sintra and its collections. In this 360º visit, it is possible to explore details of the building and the collections thanks to the high definition of the images specially captured for this project. These images not only allow you to zoom in on details, but were also captured from privileged points of view, such as the images of the interior of the Chamber in which King Afonso VI was imprisoned, which are inaccessible to visitors during a physical visit to the palace.