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Parques de Sintra-Monte da Lua, S.A. (PSML) is an entirely state owned company set up in 2000 following the UNESCO classification of the Sintra Cultural Landscape as of World Heritage status (1995). It was set up with the objective of merging the different institutions holding responsibilities for safeguarding and valuing the Sintra Cultural Landscape with the Portuguese state attributing the company with the management of its main properties in this zone. The company receives no state funding and hence the restoration and maintenance of the heritage and assets in its management is ensured by the revenues generated by ticket sales, stores, cafés and hiring out facilities for events. The company is a non-profit organisation with all earnings re-invested in preserving and enhancing the heritage in its care.

The PSML shareholder structure is currently composed of the state, represented by the General Directorate of the Treasury and Finance (35%), the the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forestry (35%), the Portuguese Tourism Board (15%) and the Municipality of Sintra (15%).