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  • January 2015

    Launch of the interventions necessary to the restoration of the National Palace and Gardens of Queluz with total investment rising to around €2.8 million. The work planned for the Palace includes the full restoration of its façades, masonry, beams, roofing, upgrading the energy and communication infrastructures as well as the lightning protection system, installing a video-surveillance system, establishing a connection with the public sewage network and in addition to improvements to the flooring, left unfinished ever since the reconstruction following the 1934 fire.

  • 2012

    Parques de Sintra takes over managing the monument.

  • 1940

    Following a series of restoration projects in the wake of the fire, the Palace systematically opens to the public.

  • 1934

    On the night of October 4th and into 5th, a fire rages that particularly hits the Robillion Pavilion and the Ambassadors Room.

  • 1910

    Proclamation of the Republic and classification as a National Monument.

  • 1908

    The Palace is bequeathed by King Manuel II as a National Estate and becomes a state property.

  • 1832-1834

    Civil war.
    Victory of the liberals over the absolutists and the ascension of Queen Maria II to the throne.

  • 1831

    King Pedro abdicates the empire of Brazil in favour of his youngest son (King Pedro II of Brazil) and returns to Portugal to fight for the right for his daughter to accede to the throne.

  • 1828

    King Miguel, uncle of Queen Maria II proclaims himself the absolute king of Portugal.

  • 1826

    The death of King João VI triggers a series of problems over his succession. King Pedro subsequently abdicates in favour of his daughter, Queen Maria II.

  • 1822

    King Pedro, the eldest son of King João VI, who remains in Brazil as its Regent, proclaims the independence of Brazil and becomes the first Emperor of Brazil.

  • 1821

    Return of the Court from Rio de Janeiro following the 1820 revolution.

  • 1807

    Relocation of the Court to Rio de Janeiro following the invasion of Portugal by Napoleonic troops.

  • 1792

    Prince João VI is acclaimed Prince Regent following the declaration of the mental incapacity of Queen Maria I.

  • 1786

    King Pedro III passes away followed by his heir, Prince José, two years later.

  • 1760

    King Pedro marries his niece who takes the throne (1777) as Queen Maria I.

  • 1747

    King Pedro, third lord of the House of the Infantado, begins the conversion works transforming the Country House of Queluz into a Summer Palace.

  • 1654

    King João IV establishes the House of Princes, which forms part of the Country House of Queluz, formerly a property of the Marquises of Castelo Rodrigo.

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