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Visitas aos Bastidores

Behind-the-scenes visits

The other side of heritage

Behind-the-scenes visits

This is an innovative program of visits, led by people working behind the scenes who unveil the secrets of their day-to-day tasks and allow visitors to discover themes and spaces that aren't usually open to the public. Guided by experts in different areas from Parques de Sintra, who work on research and on restoration and conservation projects at the heritage sites managed by the company, these visits present contributions from different disciplines such as engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, museology, archaeology, conservation and restoration and biology.


These experiences can be complemented with a special meal, which must be booked in advance.


Dates/schedules on request


Adult/Senior (>18 years old)
30 €
Junior (6-17 years old)
10 €
Per family (2 adults + 2 juniors)
70 €

More information

Experience available for groups with minimum of five participants and a maximum according to the rules stipulated by the Directorate-General of Health;

Accessibility: see specific conditions for each visit

Complements: you can make your experience even more memorable  with a welcome drink, a brunch, a lunch, a picnic or a cocktail.

Behind-the-scenes visits

Discover the hidden aspects of this heritage