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Image Capture for Academic and Scientific Purposes

Since it is the responsibility of Parques de Sintra - Monte da Lua, SA (PSML) to look after not only the conservation of the heritage, but also its image and memory, the two image capture current system derive from the Management Policy of Heritage Image and apply to the entire heritage universe under the management of PSML.


In the parks and monuments managed by Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua, S.A. (PSML), authorisation is granted only for the taking of pictures (photography and video) of the general environments for private usage in accordance with the following conditions:

1) The usage of a tripod is forbidden apart from in exceptional cases following prior written authorisation from Parques de Sintra.

2) For reasons related to the safety of people and property, the use of drones or any type of remotely operated equipment is not allowed.

3) The use of flash or any other type of artificial light in indoor spaces; where image capture is possible is not allowed.

4) The taking of pictures is never to enter into conflict with: a) any eventual stipulations to the contrary indicated by signs and signposts; b) any eventual indications to the contrary by park or monument member of staff; c) special security needs and the conservation of fixed and portable assets.

5) It is not allowed to capture images in the Henrique Calado Riding Ring.

6) It is not allowed to capture images inside the National Palace of Pena.

The utilisation of such pictures for any purposes not considered legal within the scope of private usage, specifically commercial or public ends, is forbidden and requires prior authorisation from Parques de Sintra and correspondingly subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the exceptional regime for the taking of pictures.


The Exceptional Image Capture Regime applies to any and all cases that go beyond the scope regulated by the General Image Capture Regime, including taking professional photography and / or video, even when taken free of charge and regardless of the purposes of the collected images.

1) The requests for exceptional authorisation for the taking of pictures (photograph and video) should be submitted in writing to [email protected], 10 working days in advance, indicating:

a) The entity/person requesting authorisation;

b) Description of the image capture (including synopsis / detailed description and script);

c) Primary goals of the image capture (purposes and means of communication);

d) Media associated;

e) Intended site of filming;

f) Intended date and time and duration of the period of filming;

g) Type(s) of material in usage;

h) Number of team members;

i) Copy of the civil liability insurance policy;

j) Special needs or characteristics;

l) Contact details.


All required information is mandatory and essential for the analysis of the logistical and communicational impact of image capture.

Parques de Sintra - Monte da Lua, S.A. has the right to refuse requests to capture images in the areas under its management, always justifying the refusal based on the criteria of the Image Management Policy established.

In the case of approval of the request for authorisation to take pictures for commercial or public consumption and/or in exceptional conditions, the Requester remains obliged to respect the specifically agreed terms and conditions whilst also always in compliance with the following conditions:

2) The utilisation of the pictures taken is restricted to the specific scope for which authorisation was duly granted.

3) During the taking of pictures, the Requester is to comply with the following rules:

a) Do not disturb the normal functioning of the parks and built heritage;

b) Do not interfere with visits or disturb visitors in the area in question;

c) Do not utilise equipment that disturbs the normal routes through the parks and built heritage

d) Do not leave material or rubbish on the site

e) Respect all safety and security rules;

f) Comply with the instructions given by park or monument members of staff.


Under any circumstances, PSML declines any responsibility for any theft or damage to photographic or filming equipment brought on site by the Requester.