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Underground Labyrinths

05 Feteirarainha




Limited accessibility. Uneven surfaces. Not recommended for people with claustrophobia. Please bring a torch.


This visit takes participants on a voyage of discovery around the dense network of water mines within the Sintra Mountains, which supplies the Park of Pena, the farms in the area and even the National Palace of Sintra to this day.

In ‘Underground Labyrinths’, a historian from Parques de Sintra will explain how the network was designed, for what purpose, how it was used in different eras and how the precious resource was shared among different landowners. The water mines have become an important habitat for a large number of animal species, including bats, newts and salamanders, which participants are invited to discover and observe.


Dates/times on request


Per participant
60 €
Per family (2 adults + 2 children up to 12 years old)
130 €

Previous Booking / Payment Term

Visits and Complements: 72 hours in advance


You can make your experience even more memorable with the following complements to your visit:

Welcome drink (morning)

Menu: orange juice; water; coffee; Queijadas de Sintra (traditional cheesecakes)

Price 2 people: 16 €

Themed brunch

Menu: Scone; toast; croissant; grain bread; butter; candy; ham; cheese; yogurt; granola; quiche; apple cake with cinnamon; queijada (traditional cheesecake); fruit; natural juice; water; tea or galão (hot drink made with espresso and milk) or hot chocolate; coffee

Price 2 people: 25 €


Menu: Soup; salad; hot meal; dessert; juice or water; coffee

Price 2 people: 32 €

Cocktail (afternoon)

Menu: White wine; orange juice; water; queijadas from Sintra (traditional cheesecake)

Price 2 people: 20 €

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