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There’s a Donkey here!

Reserva De Burros Tapada D Fernando Credits PSML WP 15 20


King Ferdinand II's Hunting Ground




Families with children from 3 to 12 years old

Meeting Point

Ticket Office of the Convent of the Capuchos


+351 21 923 73 00


Patient, friendly and very kind, donkeys are great companions for children and grown-ups alike in this extraordinary adventure. After the introductions, it’s time to tell their story over the centuries and to learn that they are affectionate animals that don’t kick or bite (when they are treated with respect they deserve), aren’t nervous (when frightened, they stop, instead of bolting like their ‘cousin,’ the horse), like their food (they will eye up your hay bale bench greedily), are strong and, yes, actually very clever! This is followed by a ride in the company of these new friends: the children ride, the adults guide the animals, and everyone enjoys a pleasant walk through the forest.

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Upcoming dates for families

Every Saturday

10h00 / 12h00 / 15h00

Exclusive sessions

upon request

Price list

Price per participant
12 €
Price for an exclusive session*
150 €

*Exclusive sessions do not require a minimum number of participants, but can not exceed a maximum of 10 children. Advance booking and payment required.

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Additional Information

Please wear comfortable footwear (preferably closed) and clothing suited to the weather conditions (no skirts), and bring a hat, sun protection and water.

Children must wear a bicycle helmet or riding hat (supplied by the reserve or brought from home).

Gift Vouchers: You can buy this experience in advance as a gift.