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The Royal table at the Palace of Queluz

Sala Das Merendas Palacio De Queluz Creditos PSML Emigus Baixa Resolucao




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What were the Portuguese monarchs’ favourite desserts in the 18th century? How was the table laid for the day’s main meals? What utensils were invented to serve the exotic foods that arrived in Europe from the ‘new’ continents at that time? ‘The Royal Table at the National Palace of Queluz’ will answer all these questions. Visitors will discover the eating habits of the court, as well as the objects and table settings used at mealtimes on a daily basis at the Palace of Queluz. During the 18th century, royal tables in Europe stood out due to the presence of rare foods from other continents, such as chocolate and pineapple.

The visit will be guided by a curator responsible for research, museology and collections at the palace and by a landscape architect, who will also take visitors on a tour of the greenhouses at the Botanical Garden of Queluz, where the rare, precious pineapples were grown. Who knows? You might even be able to taste one.


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60 €
Per family (2 adults + 2 children up to 12 years old)
130 €

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You can make your experience even more memorable with the following complements to your visit:

Welcome drink (morning)

Menu: orange juice; water; coffee; Queijadas de Sintra (traditional cheesecakes)

Price 2 people: 16 €

Themed brunch

Menu: Scone; toast; croissant; grain bread; butter; candy; ham; cheese; yogurt; granola; quiche; apple cake with cinnamon; queijada (traditional cheesecake); fruit; natural juice; water; tea or galão (hot drink made with espresso and milk) or hot chocolate; coffee

Price 2 people: 25 €


Menu: Soup; salad; hot meal; dessert; juice or water; coffee

Price 2 people: 32 €


Menu: Pork loin, cheese and lettuce sandwich; rustic bread with chorizo; quiche; savouries; cake or muffin; salad; french fries; queijadas de Sintra (traditional cheesecakes); fruit; water; juice; tea or coffee

Price 2 people: 38 €

Family price (2 adults + 2 children up to 12 years old): 52 €


Cocktail (afternoon)

Menu: White wine; orange juice; water; queijadas from Sintra (traditional cheesecake)

Price 2 people: 20 €

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