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The A, B, C and D of Donkey

Reserva De Burros Tapada D Fernando Credits PSML WP 15 6 (1) (1)

School Years

Pre-School and from first grade to sixth grade


King Ferdinand II's Hunting Grounds



Meeting Point

Convent of the Capuchos' Ticket Office


+351 21 923 73 00


Good-natured donkeys are the main characters of this adventure, in which participants will be introduced to these friendly beasts, whose existence is seriously endangered as a result of the abandonment of traditional farming traditions and the modernisation of transport. Various aspects of their lives will be explained, such as their eating and hygiene habits, mode of communication and reproduction, among others. There will also be time for practical activities related to the upkeep and use of these animals, such as brushing their hair, cleaning their shelters, feeding and harnessing. To finish, participants will explore the forest on a fun donkey ride!

Educational content covered: Taxonomy, concept of species and race; wild living vs. domestication (the various uses for humans); common name and scientific name; biodiversity; extinction (causes and measures to avoid it); conservation of species; morphology (physiognomy, coats, senses, teeth, digestive system); behavioural characteristics (interpretation of body and vocal language); reproduction; handling, upkeep of shelters, feeding, hygiene and health (brushing, saddling, exercising).

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7 €

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Additional Information

Available languages: Portuguese and English.

Please wear comfortable footwear (preferably closed) and clothing suited to the weather conditions (no skirts), and bring a hat, sun protection, water and snack (there is no cafeteria).

Children must wear a bicycle helmet or riding hat (supplied by the reserve or brought from home).