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An Adventure in the Palace of Pena

Palacio Da Pena Credits PSML WP 17 0 (1) (1)


Palace of Pena




- Families with children from 8 to 12 years old

- Pupils: From first grade to sixth grade

Meeting Point

Palace Store


+351 21 923 73 00


From the book An Adventure in the Palace of Pena, participants are invited to discover, in a fun and educational way, one of the mysteries the book doesn’t resolve. Using the story of the book and the story of the Palace, they have to follow clues and complete tasks to help them find the solution to a mystery, the answer to which has been lost in time. Teamwork, and the help of some very brief excerpts from the book, will be key to enjoying this adventure.


21.03.2021 | 15h00 > CANCELLED

18.04.2021 | 10h30

09.05.2021 | 10h30

27.06.2021 | 10h30

Other dates/times on request

Price list

Activity for families
10 €/visitor
Birthday Parties
10 €/visitor
Activity for Schools
7 €/visitor

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Available Languages: Portuguese