Palace of Pena: visit by time slots only; verify the entrance date and time on your ticket; there is no delay tolerance

  • Parques de Sintra

    One journey,
    countless stories
    to be told.

  • Parques de Sintra

    One journey,
    new paths
    to explore.

  • Parques de Sintra

    One journey,
    different senses
    to be awakened.

    Parks Monuments
  • Parques de Sintra

    One journey,
    many mysteries
    to be revealed.

    Parks Monuments
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Parks and Monuments

Places that
tell tales

Discover Sintra through the charm of the stories
behind each park and palace.


Dialogues beween
Art, Heritage and Nature

See what cultural experiences await you
in the Parks and Palaces of Sintra

Suggested itineraries

Discover the corners
at your own pace

There are many different ways to explore Sintra.
Here you will find itinerary suggestions that will help you plan your visit.