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Sintra Canopy

“Sintra Canopy – The Sintra Forest Seen from Above” is an activity in zip lines that allows participants to take a zipline tour, using the slide technique, between platforms built on the tops of trees along the hillside of the Moorish Castle. This is the only opportunity you will have to engage in the sport of canopying in Portugal, as there is no other place in the country where you can combine the excitement of sliding along a zipline with learning more about an ecosystem, all in such a unique natural environment as the one in Sintra. Participants can enjoy the area without being hampered by any physical obstacles or time constraints – on a journey that is a moment of discovery and pure fun.

– No physical effort;
– No special skill is required;
– Any person over 10 years of age can enjoy this experience;
– Accompanied by two monitors with specialised training in activities of this type;
– During the ride, they will provide a “guided tour” of the forest’s ecosystem;
– Explanation about the evolution of the trees and forests, as well as the living beings associated with them, their seeds, leaves, flowers and fruits, among other subjects;
– All the necessary safety equipment is provided;
– Participants are held securely in place by a safety harness and accompanied by monitors throughout their ride;
– Before beginning the activity, the monitors explain the safety instructions;
– Everyone takes a preliminary test on two of the lower platforms, which enables them to understand exactly how the activity works and to clear up any possible doubts.

Sintra Canopy is run as a partnership between Parques de Sintra and Block&Wall.

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Informations and reservations: comercial@parquesdesintra.pt ; +351 21 923 73 00
Parques de Sintra has now launched a video-call attendance service (with an interpreter) for the deaf community, Contact may be made via the phone number 12472 (at a rate of €0.01 per minute) or through registering with the Portuguese Deaf Citizens Portal (free of charge). The service is available on working days from 9am to 6:30pm.

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