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Family programmes

The Family Programme features activities especially thought of for babies, children and youths from 3 months to 18 years of age, in which the adults are encouraged to equally participate in the discovery of the sites. Accompanied by monitors specialized in these monuments and activities, and in direct contact with this unique heritage, our proposals ally knowledge with recreation in the discovery of the Parks, Palaces and Monuments of Sintra on weekends, holidays and special times of the year.

– Party for Babies – Concert one day in the Forest [+]
– Feeling Nature [+]
– Treasure Hunt [+]
– Discover the farmyard with the Donkey and the Hen [+]
– The daily routines of animals [+]
– The Royal as Children [+]
– Royal Treasure Hunting [+]
– Conquering the Castle [+]
– The King’s Treasure [+]
– The Court at Queluz: a voyage to the daily life in the 18th century [+]
– Family Events [+]


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