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Rules of conduct

– Retain your ticket until your visit ends;

– Remember to bring with you whatever documentation required by the ticket offices (identity card or citizens card, proof of service reservation or proof of address);

– Respect the signposts in each location and any instructions given by members of staff;

– For your own comfort, when visiting monuments please store your bags and other items (handbags, backpacks, umbrellas, strollers…) in the cloakrooms or other installations identified by members of staff;

– Avoid any noise or attitudes potentially disturbing to others;

– Contribute towards ensuring good means of passage in each location;

– Pay particular attention to any eventual obstacles or steps;

– Supervise any children in your care and help them understand the importance of the heritage on display;

– Take photographs in accordance with the guidelines for each place (in interior environments, no flash or tripod);

– Avoid touching or leaning on the walls;

– Do not touch the objects whether on display or an inherent part of the heritage (tiles and other decorative objects). Hands, even when clean, and touching cause invisible and irreparable damage;

– Place all waste in the recipients provided;

– With the exception of guide-dogs, no animals are allowed entrance;

– Do not light any matches or similar;

– Smoke only in the authorised places;

– Do not pick plants or flowers from the parks and gardens;

– Do not drink water from the fountains (it is unsuitable for drinking);

– No bike riding is allowed in the parks;

– Keep your distance from animals, do not feed them and respect their habitats;

– Inside monuments, no eating or drinking is allowed;

– Contact our members of staff whenever needing any clarification or noticing any irregularity.

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