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Itineraries of visit


Castelo dos Mouros

©PSML_EMIGUS 1. Segunda cintura de muralhas 2. Silos 3. Casas Islâmicas – Área arqueológica 4. Túmulo 5. Igreja de São Pedro…

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Pena Farm and Stables

Outdoor recommended route Chalet of the Countess of Edla Gardener’s House New Bridge (Pergola) Countess’ Fernery Greenhouses Aviary Stables Rabbit hutch Valley of the Lakes…

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Park and Palace of Monserrate

©PSML | EMIGUS PALACE Main spaces 1. South hall 2. Main hall 3. Stairwell 4. Central Gallery 5. Indian drawing room 6. Music Room 7. Billiards…

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National Palace of Sintra

Main spaces The Swans HallCentral Patio and Water Grotto The Magpies Hall The Blazons Hall Prison room of King Afonso VI I Palatine Chapel The…

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