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Palace of Sintra

On arrival
For visitors arriving in wheelchairs, we would welcome prior contact in order to guarantee vehicle access as far as an appropriate entranceway.

The majority of members of staff have undergone basic Portuguese Sign Language training and hence contact may be made through this means on arrival at the ticket office. The ticket office also has a Sign Language communication service through video-conferencing (Serviin) which facilitates te clarification of visit related issues.

Visualização do serviço de videochamada em Língua Gestual Portuguesa disponível nas bilheteiras.

©PSML | Wilson Pereira

Manual foldable wheelchairs are available following due reservation.

The main entrance contains various flights of stairs which renders it inaccessible to persons with mobility restrictions. We thus recommend such persons access the building via the Palace kitchen where a ramp has been installed. This provides access to the Manueline Room.

Visitante em cadeira de rodas em visita ao Palácio Nacional de Sintra, com rampa amomível colocada para acesso à sala manuelina.

©PSML | Wilson Pereira

There is also scope for the placing of a ramp for access to the Archers’ Room and thus enabling the visit to extend to the Swan Room. In order to place these ramps, prior reservation is necessary. In case there is no such reservation, the visitor shall have to await (20-30 min) for their installation.

Visitante em cadeira de rodas utiliza a rampa disponível, com apoio de um colaborador da Parques de Sintra, para acesso à Sala dos Archeiros.

©PSML | Wilson Pereira

WC accessible in the Manueline Room.

Due to the presence of various flights of stairs across the remainder of the visitor route, the other sections of the Palace do not prove accessible to persons with mobility restrictions. The accessible area totals around 600 m2.

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