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The cliff Penedo da Amizade, running along one side of the Moorish Castle, and under the management of Parques de Sintra, is one of the oldest and best frequented climbing sites in Portugal. There remains a high level of demand both due to the beauty of the surroundings and the quantity of routes the cliff incorporates (72) with varying levels of difficulty.

Since 2012, Parques de Sintra has engaged in surveying and re-fitting the equipment on Penedo da Amizade in order to best guarantee the safety of its users. The opening of a pedestrian footpath from Villa Sassetti, which links the historical centre of Sintra with the Moorish Castle, also involved the placing of information panels for climbers providing details about the different climbing routes along with safety recommendations that need taking into consideration in this sporting pursuit.

The safety conditions in effect across the sites under its management constitutes a core concern of Parques de Sintra and thus two different initiatives have been put into practice. The first brought together some climbing groups for a clarification session on the safe usage of Penedo da Amizade, which counted upon the presence of two speakers who detailed the historical development of climbing on this site and the survey carried out on the climbing equipment. The second initiative involved a technical meeting with members of the ANPC – the National Civil Defence Authority for recognition of the site and discussions around the potential rescue measures to enact in case of injury or similar.

In order to guarantee all users benefit from the sporting attractions of Penedo da Amizade, and simultaneously ensuring the safety of all climbers, Parques de Sintra firmly recommends prior booking before attempting to climb these routes.

Contacts for further information and bookings: info@parquesdesintra.pt + 351 219 237 300.

This information is also available on the site with priority attributed to those climbers with bookings to the detriment of any others.

As mentioned, this measure is designed to ensure the best experience possible to each user of this site as well as guarantee the maximum level of safety. Within this framework, the ANPC is informed of all bookings made in order to facilitate any intervention and the provision of the right means in case of any need.

Rock climbing guide Penedo da Amizade [PDF]

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