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The Palace is the great monument that grows in the town centre and accentuates its character

Vítor Serrão, Art historian

Everything in Sintra is divine There is no corner that is not a poem

Eça de Queirós, Os Maias, 1888

Vergílio Ferreira,

I give and bestow upon you, Queen Isabel my wife, for all the days in your life, my towns of Sintra

Rei Dom Dinis, last quarter of the 13th century

Two domed chimneys, dominated the whole building

Hans Christian Andersen, A Visit to Portugal, 1866


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Parques de Sintra takes over the management of the monument and its surrounding lands.

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The property is acquired by the Portuguese state.

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The Convent remains permanently inhabited through to 1834, the date of the abolition of religious orders in Portugal.

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The Convent of Santa Cruz in the Sintra hills is built on the orders of Álvaro de Castro, State Counsellor to King Sebastião.

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UNESCO classifies the Sintra hills, including the Convent of the Capuchos, as a World Heritage site – Cultural Landscape

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Property of the Cook family.

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Filipe I, King of Portugal and Spain, visits the hermitage and makes the celebrated affirmation that throughout all of his kingdoms the two places that he most preferred are the Escorial, for its richness, and the Convent of the Capuchos, for its poverty.