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The only national Equestrian Art Library makes its catalogue available online

6 December , 2017
Fotografia da Biblioteca de Arte Equestre D. Diogo de Bragança, 8º Marquês de Marialva, no Palácio Nacional de Queluz

©PSML | Wilson Pereira

Parques de Sintra is henceforth providing free access to the online catalogue of the Diogo de Bragança, 8th Marquis of Marialva Equestrian Art Library, the only national library dedicated exclusively to Equestrian Art, in the National Palace of Queluz, open to the public and part of the visitor route to this monument.

The launch commemorates the birthday month of Diogo de Bragança (1930-2012) and pays due homage to this distinguished rider and equestrian art specialist. He was a worthy successor to the 6th Marquis of Marialva, Stable Master to King José and his forefather, known for his decisive role in perfecting the Picaria Real techniques and equestrian art in Portugal in the second half of the 18th century. A highly esteemed rider, over the course of his life, Diogo brought together a vast collection of works dedicated to Equestrian Art, Bullfighting and Hunting and was himself the author of various works of great merit that drew him both national and international recognition.

Parques de Sintra, manager of EPAE – the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, headquartered in Queluz, acquired this collection with the objective of interlinking EPAE with the study of Equestrian Art.
Inaugurated in 2015, the Equestrian Art Library contains around 1,400 titles (around 2,000 works, some of which are significantly rare, including printed works and manuscripts from the 16th century to the 20th century and in addition to about 200 engravings and original prints.

The Library collection was subject to a conservation and restoration project that simultaneously included embarking on its documental processing in keeping with Portuguese and international norms for bibliographies. This involved the classification of the collection with the drafting of a catalogue table of the themes interrelated with Equestrian Art so as to divide the set of works into their various different themes. The cataloguing and indexing of the collection’s contents made recourse to a library software management program essential to appropriately providing the information and reference numbers that correspondingly locate the copies on the library’s shelves.

The online catalogue, now available either from the Parques de Sintra homepage or directly at http://bibliotecaarteequestre.parquesdesintra.pt, represents a research tool that enables more efficient access to the collection and the knowledge therein contained and correspondingly expanding the universe of potential users, whether researchers, academics, students or simply equestrian art enthusiasts.

The Equestrian Art Library, the only such national specialist establishment and a national and international benchmark reference, preserves and promotes the precious cultural legacy of Diogo de Bragança, which it aims to continue deepening through acquisitions, donations and bequests.

Equestrian Art Library Video: https://youtu.be/eYJDGIa9OeQ

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