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The Magic of Christmas arrives at the National Palace of Queluz

28 November , 2017


In the National Palace of Queluz Courtyard from 14 to 23 December, Parques de Sintra is presenting the video mapping “Christmas Workshop”, an original creation and production by Grandpa’s Lab. With free entrance, this performance features 3D animation and is projected onto the external facades of the monument.

“Christmas Workshop” revolves around a man who before becoming Father Christmas was just Nicholas, a toymaker. Nicholas recovered and restored forgotten, thrown away and broken toys. And it is within the National Palace of Queluz, transformed into an enormous toy store, where everything takes place. Here, all old toys get a second life and end up in the hands of children.

One day, Nicholas goes into a tunnel he finds hidden away in a tree and emerges in a ruined palace and encounters its respective guardian: a toy robot that seems unconscious. With his talent, the artisan – who shall undergo transformation into the legendary character of Father Christmas – bestows a new life on the robot that then sets about restoring what in the end proves to be the National Palace of Queluz.

Beyond constituting a metaphor for the conservation and restoration work undertaken by Parques de Sintra in the monument over recent years, this performance also seeks to convey a message advocating for more responsible consumption, especially at this time of year.
With surprising visual content, the video mapping lasts for 15 minutes and is showing every half an hour between 6pm and 10.30pm.

Useful performance information
– Dates: 14 to 23 December
– Times: 6pm, 6.30pm, 7pm, 7.30pm, 8pm, 8.30pm, 9pm, 9.30pm, 10pm and 10.30pm
– Price: free entrance
– Age classification: over three years of age
– Parking: we would recommend parking around the Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment No. 1, with capacity subject to space limitations (using public transport is always recommended).

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