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Reduction of energy consumption in the Palace of Queluz

6 December , 2013

Iluminacao Queluz

The Throne, Music and Ambassador Halls in the Palace of Queluz are currently undergoing an intervention in order to renovate the existing lighting to reduce energy consumption and prevent the risk of fire by replacing the existing light bulbs with LED technology.

As well as being environmentally friendly, these lights also have a longer lifespan that of normal lighting, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

The Throne Hall has a total of 220 lights, the Music Hall has 102 lights installed and the Hall of the Ambassadors has 64.

All of the lights in these three rooms have now been replaced with energy efficient lighting, and the lights in the rest of the Palace will now gradually be substituted. Work to replace all of the lighting with LED technology is expected to take several months.

The replacement of lighting (in the three main halls has so far provided a saving of more than 11,000 euros per year and the project is set to continue throughout  the entire Palace to make the whole monument more energy efficient.

This project is part of Parques de Sintra’s environmental protection policy and is part of a series of activities led by the company designed to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency.

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