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Reconstruction of a water mine in the Park of Pena

6 December , 2013

Mina Parque Pena

One of the water mines in the western area of the Park of Pena (next to the Garden of the Countess of Edla) that was damaged during a storm that battered Serra de Sintra in January is now repaired.

The rotation and upheaval of the roots of the fallen trees caused the mine’s walls and ceiling to collapse. The intervention initiated with the removal of the trees and the soil that were covering the mine after which the structure was repaired following traditional techniques using with granite, lime mortar and grit.

This project is part of the plan for the restoration of the original watering system of the Park of Pena, which encompasses the recuperation of the water collection system – mines; of the water conduction system – through the repairing of old stone pipes and the replacement of lead conduits which are in an advanced state of degradation; as well of the water storage system – which included the restoration of several reservoirs, lakes and tanks that feed not only the the original watering but the automatic watering systems installed in the renovated areas of the park as well. Some of the lakes also have a decorative function, largely due to the material used for waterproofing; namely natural asphalt, which is dark look and allows for a reflection of the nearby buildings and vegetation onto the water.

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