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Parques de Sintra receives the best practices award in the “Spaces, products and services in use” category from the “Design For All” foundation

23 March , 2016
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Parques de Sintra has won the best practices award for the “Spaces, products and services in use” category from the “Design For All” foundation for its “Parques de Sintra Welcomes Better” project.

“Design For All” is a non-profit foundation with the objective of researching, developing and promoting studies and best practices across the field of inclusive design. In turn, inclusive design involves interventions in spaces, products and services undertaken with the objective of ensuring the participation of all citizens irrespective of their age, gender, capacities or culture.

The “Parques de Sintra Welcomes Better” project seeks to improve means of access to the properties in the company’s management and set them out as examples of best practice in accessible tourism and equal opportunity in terms of access to both natural and built heritage. This requires the deployment of solutions across the facets of physical access and the provision of inclusive information and services.

More than 22 candidates from a range of countries, and in addition to Parques de Sintra, competed in the “Spaces, products and services in use” category with the other award category, “Projects, proposals, initiatives, methodologies and studies”, attracting a total of 13 candidates.

In 2015, the “Design For All” foundation had recognised Parques de Sintra as an example of best practices, which ensured its eligibility as a candidate for the award received yesterday at the “Design For All Foundation Awards 2016” ceremony held in Paris.

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