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Parque da Pena with new signposting and furniture

31 March , 2016

©PSML Wilson Pereira

With the objective of improving visit quality standards, Parques de Sintra has fitted out the Park of Pena with new signposts and furniture. This renovation included the installation of information structures (“Help and Warning Points” with audio means of providing information and communication, information panels and tables) and directions (signposts). In accordance with a coherent aesthetic, this also saw the installation of garden furniture throughout the Park.

This intervention carried a total cost of in the region of €45,000 and took place within the framework of the “Parques de Sintra Welcomes Better” project, which seeks to improve the access conditions to the parks and monuments under the management of Parques de Sintra. Both the directions and other localised information, as well as appropriate furniture, prove fundamental to providing autonomous, safe and comfortable visitor experiences. The signposting also enables easy understanding and the following of the pathways, usage of the services and equipment available and guaranteeing equality of opportunity in the choice of route that visitors wish to follow.

The new signposting

The Parque da Pena signposting project was strategically designed so as to guide visitors along the main pathways interconnecting the various points of interest in the Park. The inclusion of pictograms enables a greater understanding of the various path options (such as the presence of slopes and steps) for every visitor irrespective of their nationality, intellectual or physical motor capacities. The information structures installed serve as a complement to the guide panels and include brief descriptions of the various points of interest along the respective routes.

The “Help and Warning Points” installed are equipped with QR codes that provide multimedia information on the various sites. This content constitutes part of the third version of the Parques de Sintra “Talking Heritage” application, due shortly for launch, and shall include content purpose adapted to the accessibility policies underlying the “Parques de Sintra Welcomes Better” project.

The “Help and Warning Points” also include a communications system for cases of emergency with the intercommunicating device connected with the Park’s security office and boosting the response capacity in the case of any eventual accident. In case verbal communication proves impossible, the visitor is located from the very moment that they press the S.O.S. button and, in the absence of any response, the security department immediately sends an officer to the location. This system was installed at a height accessible to a wide variety of persons, including those short in stature, children or persons in wheelchairs. This equipment is also fitted with a warning sound alarm that is triggered in case of any need to evacuate the Park (such as, for example, in case of any fire).

The new furniture

The new Park of Pena includes the installations of new garden benches and bollards as well as waste bins. As was the case with the implementation of the new signposting, the choice of materials utilised took into account the need to install resistant infrastructures capable of withstanding the climate prevailing in the Sintra Hills.

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