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Musical Evenings bring back eighteenth century sounds to the Palace of Pena

20 February , 2017


Inspired on the ambience of the evening concerts staged at the Palace of Pena by the artist king Ferdinand II, the “Musical Evenings in the Palace of Pena” cycle features four concerts held on Saturdays at 9pm between 4 and 25 March.

The Great Hall of the Palace becomes, as in the time when Ferdinand II (1816-1885) lived there, the chosen stage for these events featuring chamber music, solo piano and the song repertoire of the Romantic (19th) century in keeping with the preferences of the monarch and his second wife, the Countess of Edla, who would regularly receive numerous artists and intellectuals in these surroundings.

Vasco Dantas, a multiple award winning young Portuguese pianist; the excellent Canadian soprano Siphiwe McKenzie, making her premiere in Portugal; the renowned cellist Irene Lima and the German baritone Christian Hilz begin the list of those starring in this third edition.

However, the Musical Evenings in Pena reach still further: reflecting the cultural eclecticism of Ferdinand, space is all made for the other arts, such as literature and fine arts.

The former makes its presence above all in the last concert, on 25th, whether in terms of the sung poems or also through the reading of excepts from the knightly romance of the beautiful princess Magelone, by the Germany Romantic author Ludwig Tieck; but also featuring in the opening concert, on 4th, with the chance to hear, for example, the three pieces that Franz Liszt wrote for piano soloists, inspired on the sonnets found in ‘Rime’ by Petrarch.

The fine arts take up a role in the concerts held on 11th and 18th. Firstly, through means of the multifaceted figure of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (1846-1905), whose brother, the painter Columbano, found important patrons in Ferdinand and in the Countess of Edla. Subsequently, and reflecting the no less diverse artistic personality of Alfredo Keil (1850-1907), a composer of undeniable merit while also excelling as a painter and poet, who shared a Germanic heritage and background with Ferdinand.

Hence, this forthcoming cycle, beyond its moments of musical excellence, also promises cultural experiences of great depth.

The cycle Musical Evenings in the Palace of Pena represents a joint initiative between Parques de Sintra and CEMSP – the Centre of Portuguese Eighteenth Century Musical Studies with its artistic direction under the care of the maestro and violinist Massimo Mazzeo. The Musical Evenings form part of the Parques de Sintra Erudite Music Season that begins annually in October with the cycle “Nights of Queluz – Tempest and Galanterie” and ends in June with “Reencounters – Musical memories of the Palace of Sintra”.

Ticket price per concert: €10
Great Hall Maximum Capacity: 80 seats
Tickets available at: Parques de Sintra ticket offices, www.parquesdesintra.pt, www.blueticket.pt, FNAC, Worten, El Corte Inglés, MEO Arena, Media Markt, ACP stores, PAGAQUI network, Telecom Call Center, Sintra Tourism Office and the Lisbon Airport Tourism Office.
More information at: http://www.parquesdesintra.pt/en/recreation-and-leisure/musical-evenings-at-the-palace-of-pena-2017/

The “Musical Evenings in the Palace of Pena” draws upon the support of the General Directorate of Arts and counts on Antena 2 as its media partner.

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