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Moorish Castle blue for World Diabetes Day

6 December , 2013

Mouros Diabetes

Parques de Sintra joined in the World Diabetes Day Monument Challenge by illuminating the Moorish Castle on the 14th of November, World Diabetes Day. The Castle was lit up in blue, the core of the symbol of World Diabetes Day.

The campaign involves millions of people around the world and is designed to attract attention to important questions about the illness. A huge variety of monuments from around the world joined in the campaign by lighting up their walls in blue. Over the six years of the campaign so far, more than 1,000 monuments in 160 countries have already ben lit up in a tribute to the world’s joint effort.

World Diabetes Day, organised by the International Federation for Diabetes and the World Health Organisation, was created in 1991 and is a global event that brings together thousands of people in 160 countries to talk about the issue of diabetes. The 14th of November was chosen as a way of remembering the day that Frederick Banting and Charles Best discovered insulin, in 1921.

The aim of the day is to make the public aware of the risks associated with the disease, along with the tools which can be used to prevent its occurrence. For diabetic people, the day is designed to increase awareness about the disease and its possible complications.

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