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Contemporary art exhibition “Point of View” brings together renowned artists at Park of Pena

10 March , 2016


On May 25, Parques de Sintra inaugurates the “Point of View” contemporary art exhibition at Park of Pena. This site specific, group exhibit, under the artistic direction of Paulo Arraiano, brings together ten renowned artists of different nationalities: Alberto Carneiro (Portugal), Alexandre Farto/Vhils (Portugal), Antonio Bokel (Brazil), Bosco Sodi (Mexico), Gabriela Albergaria (Portugal), João Paulo Serafim (Portugal), NeSpoon (Poland), Nils-Udo (Germany), Paulo Arraiano (Portugal) and Stuart Ian Frost (United Kingdom).

The initiative commemorates the 200th anniversary of King Ferdinand II, the “artist -king” – visionary behind and founder of Park of Pena.   ”The objective behind the initiative is to create an incentive for visitors to go further into the park and discover its unique features, guided by a series of strategically placed art interventions. The visitor thus explores the parks different perspectives or “points of view”, explains Project Director, Sofia Barros. The project explores the relationship between Man and Nature (the park and the palace), a common theme in the “Romantic Era” and main motive in King Ferdinand’s vision is therefore revived and understood as intended and create a cultural initiative with contributes to the positioning of the Park as a “Cultural Landscape” UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The strategically placed site specific installations, all use materials that exist in the Park itself.  Throughout the year (timeframe in which the exhibit will be shown) these will not be subject to maintenance as the natural maturing process of each piece forms an integral facet of concept.

Within this context, Artistic Director, Paulo Arraiano, explains that “the ten artists work as agents of reconnection of the dialogue between the binomial Man/Earth, through a process of geographic acupuncture that fosters different in situ dialogues with a living organism. ‘Point of View’ thus seeks to both celebrate and recall this correlation and the collaboration first launched by Ferdinand II in 1838 following the creation of a neuralgic bridge to the cultural heritage of humanity.”


The artists

The selection process took into consideration the existence of a Man-Nature expression in the work of each artist (the common denominator to the group), as well as their experience and cultural diversity – in keeping with the history of Sintra and the eclecticism present in the Park of Pena itself.

Alberto Carneiro (Portugal)

Born in 1937, he went onto become one of the most important artists of his generation. He developed within a minimalist and conceptual approach to art in London with the progressive dematerialisation of his works of art from an anthropological based vision resting on the Man – Nature relationship.

Alexandre Farto/Vhils (Portugal)

One of the contemporary Portuguese artists with the greatest international profile and one of the best represented in site specific projects whether in galleries or museums, Vhils started out as a graffiti artist in the early 2000s and since that time onwards his art has interacted with the urban landscape.

Antonio Bokel (Brazil)

One of the most important artists of his generation in Brazil, he is represented in the Chateaubriand Collection in MAM (the Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Arte). Bokel takes graffiti as the basis of his work, that was born in the streets and breaks with traditional forms of presentation.

Bosco Sodi (Mexico)

His works are left untitled with the objective of removing any predisposition or conclusion beyond the immediate existence of the work. The works themselves become transformed into a memory and a symbolic relic of the dialogue between the artist and his raw materials. Sodi is famous for his large scale paintings with bright colours and rich textures.

Gabriela Albergaria (Portugal)

Working between Lisbon, Berlin and New York, Gabriela is a representative member of ELAN (the European Land Art Network). Her works deploy photography, design, installations and sculpture to develop a line of work that applies gardens and their histories as the point of departure for the development of her artistic creativity.

João Paulo Serafim (Portugal)

Since 2005, he has been engaged in the MIIAC – the Improbable Museum of Contemporary Image and Art project, a fictional museum based on iconographic research of a personal and documental collection built up over the course of his artistic career. He now aims to develop this archival research into a site specific application interrelated with the landscape and constituting a proposed atlas for the natural territory of Sintra arising from observed phenomena based upon a specific point of view.

NeSpoon (Poland)

NeSpoon works with site specific installations and public art and with museums and galleries deploying techniques including ceramic, painting and lace. His work reflects the objective of making art positive in order to deal with positive emotions. NeSpoon further casts his attentions, through his works, on social and political commentaries.

Nils-Udo (Germany)

From Bavaria, Nils-Udo moved on from painting nature to creating site specific pieces deploying organic materials to this end. The artist works in the location applying the features found on the site with each piece a response to the respective landscape and the materials found in its vicinity to create a seductive world of “potential utopias” drawing upon nature as his inspiration.

Paulo Arraiano (Portugal)

The works of Paulo Arraiano throw a spotlight on the intangible territory and its interconnections with the physical territory: emotional cartography in which the body acts as an extension of nature through a register based on the movements and the fluidity of the materials applied in very large scale, site specific installations.

Stuart Ian Frost (United Kingdom)

Stuart Ian Frost works on site specific and sculptured works characterised by his interest in the physical nature of objects and their specific relationships with the surrounding environment, their culture, myths and history. His international career spans Land Art sculpture.


This exhibition counts upon the support of Sintra Bliss House.


For further information on this exhibition:

Website: www.penapointofview.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/penapointofview
Instagram: www.instagram.com/penapointofview


Technical details:

Stewardship: Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua, S.A.
Artistic Director: Paulo Arraiano
Project Director: Sofia Barros
Technical Director for Natural Heritage (Parques de Sintra): Nuno Oliveira

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