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Clover-shaped lake discovered in the Park of Pena

6 December , 2013

Lago Trevo

Thanks to the cleaning work following a storm that severely affected the Park of Pena in January 2013, a clover-shaped lake near the Countess’ Fernery can now be recovered, following its discovery during restoration works in the Garden of the Countess of Edla in 2011.

The lake was buried and, as such, was invisible to the naked eye. The structure was discovered during the recovery of the water line and is located exactly at the end of the water lake that feeds the Countess’ Fernery.

The lake is now visible to the public; however it is still undergoing restoration work so that it may again be filled with water and yet again become a point of interest in park.

Until now, the only proof that a lake may have existed there consisted of a map of the Park of Pena dating from 1989, where the design of such a structure could be seen near the end of the water line.

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